A few tips for the homeowner:

Photos of an overloaded circuit and the damage it can that can cause. We found this in a home the homeowner was not even aware there was a problem.

It is always good to hire a professional when you need electrical work done. I don't advise trying to do this type of work yourself. You must have an experienced professional, that way you know the job will be done safely and according to the national electric code.

Electrical Contractors



Smoke detectors are so important in a home. It is always good to keep your batteries changed and tested according to the manufacturer.

GFCI receptacles and breakers need to be tested according to the manufacturer's recommendations to assure good working order. Check your manufacturer for proper test procedures.

When your electrician hangs a ceiling fan for you, make sure it is a ceiling fan rated box. Make sure you question him about this: this is necessary to support the weight of the ceiling fan and that he follows the manufacturer's instructions for supporting the ceiling fan.

  Here are just a few things to ask your electrical contractors before hiring them For home electrical wiring or electrical wiring basics:

 1. Are you state licensed and certified by the state of Georgia to do electrical work?

2. Do you have insurance?

3. Do you have any references and pictures of your previous jobs?

4.  Do you have employees and are they certified? If not, what experience do they have?

5. Can you show me your insurance information and your state license card?

6. Do you have any experience in the type of work I am asking you to do and how long have you been an electrical contractor?

7. Can you complete this job in a timely manner? How long do you think this job may take.

The national electrical code is the electrical contractors' rules and regulations. Your electrical contractor needs to know all the current codes and regulations because they are changing constantly. Don't be afraid to ask questions. He or she should be willing to talk to you about all these issues before you hire them to do your work. It is your job and you deserve the best, so ask questions before the job ever gets started.